the release

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"Deadly Spawn" distribution



The original poster

The poster was created by Tim Hildebrandt in his familiar,
dynamic style.  [Tim had also created the famous original
Star Wars poster (1977).]  The Deadly Spawn's initial distribution
in 1983 was through 21st Century Distribution Corporation
and again in 1984 (as 21st Century Film Corporation) with
the film re-titled, Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn;
and for VHS home viewing through Continental Video, the film
again re-titled, this time as Return of the Aliens' Deadly
Spawn (1985).  The original title was restored with the 2004
release of the DVD

when 42nd Street was 42nd Street ...

Marquees from the film's return engagement in New York, 1984

(The director stands at center in the photo above)

The first week


McKeown in front of 42nd Street second-run theatre, 1984


One VHS box cover from the many European versions transferred to video over the years

very 80s, no?